Puzzle games are being considered to be one of the most popular and trending games on the game store. Everyday new puzzle games are introduced and if they are exciting they see thousands of download every day. These games are great way of keeping you involved, teasing the brain and make you feel excited with every move. 10 of the most popular game for the year 2017, which are highly trending and generating a lot of traffic includes the following:

  1. 2048

2048 is very popular as a family puzzle game. You have to start with a grid and your ultimate goal is to combine the tiles with same number and generate a new number. You can combine each of them to create a larger number as well. The game stops if there are no chances of combining any more numbers. The game is free and a friendly one. You can enjoy it with your family, just neglect a few annoying adds.

  1. Clue

Clue is known to be the re-master of the classic board games. In the game you have to move around the board and judge the name of the one who has committed the murder, where and using what item. It is a realistic version of the board game and thus you well have the same feeling while playing the game. It is known is one of the classic puzzle game, but is not available for free on the game store.

  1. Cut the rope

Cut the rope franchise is one of the most popular series known as a family puzzle game. The game involves cutting the rope hanging to the monster. The main aim of the player in the game is to make sure that the monster is able to reach and eat the candy. As the monster eats the candy you are shifted to the next level. There are numerous stages to be played which the game offers. But just be careful of the in-app purchases for the game.

  1. Limbo

Limbo is famous as a single scrolling adventure game. The game is well known for being one of the most unique puzzle games. You are the little boy in the game who is trying to look for his sister who was lost in Limbo. The game has one giant size scrolling level and thus takes a lot of time to complete. There are number of puzzles and challenges which you have to face. The game is not free yet has number of critics and players worldwide. Though there is free demo available for your trial.

  1. Mekorama

Mekorama is one of the best free puzzle game available for android platform. The game comes with simple graphics and mechanics but has good puzzle elements. Thus the initial size of game is very low. The game has just 50 levels which you need to clear. You win a card after every level. You may find a few in-app purchases though.

  1. Mushroom 11

The game is one of the most liked and popular game on the android platform. The main idea behind the game is to control the blog of fungus. You have to discard the blog from one side to make it breed in the other direction. The results are fun. The game comes with in-build features like scoring challenges and speed run as well. The game is easy to grasp but difficult to master. The game has to be paid for before you can play it.

  1. Prune

Prune is known as one of the beautiful done puzzle game. The main motive of the game is to grow the plant. All you have to do is make the plant always facing the sun light. You will be a declared winner when you are able to do that. The game has 48 levels and you will be allowed to sync the progress between the devices. The game does not have any in-app purchases. This means there are no chances of paying your way out of the jam. The game is totally family friendly.

  1. Republique

Republique is a well known game which has good graphics and features. The game has complex mechanism and work on an actual story line. The game is being considered to be the best escape game which one may encounter online. Your aim is to guard the girl whose name is Hope and protect her from the cameras, guards and other type of obstacles and get her out safely. The game has five episodes and there are a few in-app purchases as well. The game may be a little expensive but is better than any other game.

  1. The room Series

The room franchise is known as the trio of the best puzzle game which the android market has seen yet. The room has number of hidden objects and these objects are to be searched and unlocked. The game comes with great features, number of puzzle, and there are number of arcane, dark stories as well. You have to pay to but the series of the game but there are no in-app purchases after that.

  1. Shadowmatic

Shadowmatic is famous as a fun little game which uses the shadows. The game will allow the dangling of a nonsensical object placed in front of the light. All you have to do is twist, shape and move that object to make something meaning full or create a picture out of it. The game has more than 100 levels, achievements, range of secondary objects and also has an arcade mode. The players are allowed to play the first 14 levels for free after which they have to buy the game to play the other levels. The game is a nice family game and of the new and unique game available in the market at the point of time.

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