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Are you in love with suspense and horror? Looking forward to playing Resident evil?

Here is all you need to have to play the game and here is all you need to know before you start playing the game. Become a part of excitement and enjoy the thrilling journey with the help of our Resident Evil 7 trainer.

These cheats ensure that you are well prepared to face all kind of wars and you do not lack resources and health.




A survival horror video game that is Resident Evil 7 had been published and developed by Capcom. The game was released on the platform worldwide in January 2017. For its first release the developers made the game available on Play station 4, Microsoft window and Xbox one. To a surprise in the whole series it is the first to be played with first person perspective.

The game till date has received favorable reviews from the critics who have praised the graphics, game play and design of the game. Play station VR was another reason why there was increase in the sale of the game. It became the third best seller in the series and was able to sell 3 million copies.




The story behind the game has the character Ethan Winters who is the civilian who while searching for his wife named Mia lead himself to the derelict plantation which was inhabited by Baker family. Ethan then uses the tools and weapon to attack and fight with the baker’s family and humanoid form of bacteria known as Molded.

There are certain healing items which are to be used in the event of injury and to move the game further you have to solve a few puzzles. Rather than being the action oriented like the 5th and the 6th edition the 7th edition presents the earlier installment. Thus the game has the first person perspective. The game is a full length game that will be developed in RE engine.






The game is fun but is difficult on the other hand. If you are able to defeat the madhouse difficulty in non item then you are far ahead than the others playing the game. With the help of these Resident Evil 7 hacks you can solve all the puzzles in no time. To give you a complete access to the Resident Evil 7 Cheats we have tried to list down all the ideas that you may require to unlock the mad house.

Here is the Resident Evil 7 trainer it the list of the all those cheats and hacks that will help you clear the difficulties.

  1. Do not waste Ammunition

The players who are known to Survival Horror Sub Genre the thing is not required to be mentioned but this is for the first person shooter who is new to the game and not known the facts. If you desire to survive in the game having unlimited resources and difficulties to kill the monster you cannot keep the ammunition at stake.

Though the game offers you with the option knife to kill the monsters but every time you require a few bullets to shoot before killing the monsters with the knife. Just remember bullets are best when shoot on the head so don’t waste them on chest.

With the help of the hacks get unlimited access to the bullets to fire the monsters and with the help of the Resident Evil 7 cheats learn about the weak point of each monster to shoot them at the right point.

  1. Remember all that seems dead is not dead really.

The real world calls for the real death and Resident Evil is nothing real. So if you ponder upon the dead body of the woman you may become a victim of that dead body the game keeps the body alive for certain time and death comes slowly to them.

  1. Heal Yourself

If you do not have full or near full health you may be at the stake of losing your life anytime with any bullet shoot depending on the one who is to encounter you in the hallway. Though the healing items are ammunition are limited but that doesn’t mean you will not cure yourself. You can use the herbs to cure small heals and by combining the herbs with the chem fluids you can create a first aid potion.

  1. Do not forget to Block

If the boss or the monster had been closed in the range then give time to block them first. This reduces the amount of damage that will happen to your character so never miss a chance to block these monsters in the melee.

Even though you have blocked the monster or boss you are still prone to the damage caused by hit. But by blocking you can ensure that the health of your character doesn’t go down to red while it suffers a hit.

  1. In combat keep moving

To avoid getting blocked and to avoid the hits just make sure to move on. There is always a rhythm to the combat games and the same is with the Resident Evil 7. Even you have to slow down or stop to aim someone just make sure that each of the shoot counts for you.

  1. Be observant

The most important skill that helps you survive in the game is to be observant. Paying attention to things around help you find out more items. While aiming the enemies and hitting on the weak spots you will be able to find out what the baker family members leaves behind for you. There are chances in the stage that you will have to stand for a time being or slow down; though in such case you do not have to stop. Still you can give a little time to look around and find out the useful things for yourself.


resident evil 7 trainer




NUMPAD 1: UNLIMITED HEALTH: Use This button in Resident Evil 7 Trainer it will give you access to the unlimited health all throughout the game. Most of the things cannot kill you. But the scripted event may kill you.

NUMPAD 2: UNLIMITED AMMO: Use the button and you will get the ammo refilled to 999 again.

NUMPAD 3: NO RELOAD: Toggle the button and you will not have to reload the pistol again and again.

NUMPAD 4: 9 INVENTORY ITEMS: To use the hack open up the inventory. Then click on the item that you wish to affect or you may also use the arrow key to highlight the item. Then select the option key and leave the inventory and when you are back to the inventory you will see it is added.

NUMPAD 5: 999 INVENTORY ITEMS: To use this option open up the inventory and highlight the inventory that you want to select with the key. Press the option key and leave the inventory and when you get back into the inventory the items would have been updated.

NUMPAD 6: 1 INVENTIRY ITEM: To use the option open up the inventory and highlight the inventory that you want to select with the key. Press the option key and leave the inventory and when you get back into the inventory the items would have been updated.

NUMPAD 8: FAST MOVE: Open Resident Evil 7 Trainers & Toggle on the key and you will be able to move faster.

NUMPAD 9: SUPER DAMAGE: The option heals up the damage in the game. Number of enemies can be dispatched with the help of single hit. Some enemies are just meant to attack and they do not die. Even in the later part of the game some enemies or families dead return back. You can use the option for such enemies.

The game is fun and exciting. Horror takes on your nerves. So, do not miss the chance of using our hacks, cheats and trainers to win the complete game in no time.


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