Pokemon Go Hack – How To Get Free Pokeballs & Pokecoins 2017

Here we introduce you to the topic which everyone had been searching for. There is a list of all the Pokemon GO hack, strategies and tips which the gamers and the players can use to level up in the game at a faster speed.

Here we present you the Pokemon GO cheats that the players can use and assure safety while using them to play the game. They help you in locating the Pokemon and enhancing the gaming experience.

The addiction of the game Pokemon GO has taken over the world. Players are continuously working to boost up their level by collecting new Pokemons in the game and by competing with the players online.

Even the most experienced player needs the hacks and the tricks to clear the difficult levels of the game and reach the next levels.




Pokemon Go is a location based, free to play augmented reality game. The game was developed by Niantic for the android and IOS devices. The game came to an existence as the result of the collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic in form of The Pokemon Company. The game was first released in few of the countries in July 2016. In the game the gamer has got to use GPS ability to capture, locate, train and battle the virtual creatures that had been named Pokemon. These creatures seem to appear in the same place as that of the player. The game allows purchasing the coins in app by paying the real money.

The game though received mixed reviews from the critics but even after that due to the love that it got from the market made it reach 500 million downloads worldwide and had been ranked as the number one application in terms of earning whole over the world.


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Today here we present to you the Pokemon Go cheats that works best with the game. These cheats are totally safe unlike the ones who carry viruses with them. The players can use the tools to reach the levels easily.




There is a simple way to get hold of Pikachu at the very starting of the game. While to start the game you are given an option to choose one of the pokemons out of Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur. You just need to ignore all the three if you wish to catch Pikachu at the first eye sight. Just keep on walking and avoid them until they disappear.

But these pokemons will come back again after you get away from them. You just need to avoid them continuously for four times and in the fifth turn they will come with Pikachu with them.




You may notice the curveballs quiet often in the game. There is bonus that is offered when you scoop up a Pokemon. You can have the curveball easily by using the following tricks.

Just tap the pokeball that appears at the bottom of your screen, then drag it and twirl it in the circular direction while trying to catch the pokemon. When you twirl the ball in the circular manner the pokeball will give start giving sparks. At this moment you have to throw the ball towards the pokemon. The trick is a little confusing and requires practice before you can earn the bonus quiet often.


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Have you known the fact that the eggs are available for you at the PokeStop and these eggs can hatch out the rare pokemons. Once you have catch hold of the egg they can be found easily when you swipe the Pokemon sub menu to the left.

When you strike the egg you are given an option to incubate them. Once you place the egg on the incubator you will have to walk with the game open in order to hatch the egg.

There are variants available like 2 Km, 5 Km and 10 Km for the egg. The longer you walk the better are the chances of winning a better and a rare pokemon.


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