Far Cry 5 Hack – Tips & Cheats to Get Free Money Glitch

A game that has been one of the most awaited of all times, Far Cry 5 is finally here. The game is better than ever be it the features or the background story-line and it will sure take you on a ride. Anyone who has been eagerly waiting for this game has played the previous versions of it for sure. If you are one of the many people who thoroughly enjoyed all the previous versions of the game Far Cry 5 is the next best thing that could happen to you. It is the most advanced of all the previous games and gives the best experience to the people playing. If you have been playing this game for a long time you will know that there are a few Far Cry 5 hack that will help you win. Knowledge of these will help you know the game better and give you an added advantage over others. Here are a few such far cry 5 hack so you could use them when

  • Communicate – One of the main Far Cry 5 cheats is that you need to make sure to talk to anyone who has an exclamatory point above their head. Communication in this version of the game is very important because they will give you information about what is the next step you should take or your next mission. Communication will help you gain key information about main characters and what is it that they are doing, any significant story quest or stashes that could be useful to you. This is why it is always necessary for you to listen to as many messages as you can.


  • Take help – Every time you have completed one of your side quests you get to unlock a specialty. There are many specialties who will help you in the fight against the cult. Taking a helping hand from them will always be useful to you. The specialties can be swapped on depending on what you need. They can be called upon anytime needed and sent away as well. Each specialty has a unique advantage which will be helpful in defeating the cult.


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  • Keep an eye on the signs – The signs on the side of the road should never be ignored by you. This is because the signs let you know what it is that you can expect commonly in a particular area which in turn you will help you keep an eye out for it. If the sign shows any kind of danger you will be well prepared beforehand whereas sometimes it could be something useful to you. This is why the signs it is always important to keep an eye out for any signs near you.


  • Open all safes – While you go about exploring the main Far Cry cheat codes is that whenever you come across a safe, you open it. A safe is bound to have something or the other that will come in handy to you in the game. The safe mostly contains money or perks. There are different ways to be able to open a lock, in case you have a spare bomb you may simply blow up the safe open or burn it down. If both of these do not work then you need to unlock the perk of lock picking before to the game so that you will be easily able to open any lock you see.


  • Earn Resistance Points Far cry 5 trainer and cheats always advise you to add as many resistance points as you can. To an avid game player it is no new news that every time you defeat someone you get a certain amount of resistance points which will help you fight higher levels. Resistance points can be earned by saving the life of hostages, liberating a cult and many other things. Each task has a fixed amount of resistance points that you will get.


  • Prepper StashesFar cry mod has prepper stashes all over the game. A prepper stash is nothing but looted items put in a place. These looted items can be of great help to you so it is better to keep an eye out for them. Anything you find at these stashes is up for the grabs.


The above far cry 5 hack, cheats, tips, tools and perks collected will give you an edge to the game over others. They will make it easier for you to win.

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