Strategy games are known to be one of the oldest games which the human history has known. Whether they are board games, chess or other card games we had been enjoy these strategy games for a very long time even before the computer came to existence. These games for come over centuries but the motive of beating the opponent remains the same even on the date. The games are a great way of testing your skills and creativity at the same time. Here are few of the best strategy games available on the Android platform:

  1. Age of Civilizations

The game is a mix of both board game and strategy games. The game has a lot of qualities as of the strategy game like risk, which means you have to secure the civilians from the terrorists. You will be given an access to large number of scenarios including World War 1&2 and also a number of world scenarios. You are also given a chance to generate scenarios of your own. The game consists of 193 civilizations, interesting mechanics and 2 planets. The game is highly complex, addictive and difficult. The best part is there are no in-app purchases in the game.

  1. Card Thief

The game is well known as one of the most popular strategy games online. The game is a mixture of card game and strategy game. The main motive in the game is to keep moving around to avoid being caught. You will be given stealth points, equipments and other things to support you to avoid the guards and complete the level. The trial version is for free but for the full version you have to pay $1.99.

  1. Chess Free

Chess is well known as one of the oldest game in the strategy category. Chess free can be rated to be the best game one can play on mobile. The graphics may be not that good but there are 12 levels of difficulties which you need to cross across the two game modes, save and load games, ELO rating, a chess tutor, local multiplayer and also other cool stuff. The game is totally like the live chess game. The game is completely free and is without any in-app purchases.

  1. Don’t Starve

This pocket edition is known to be a survival strategy game. The game starts when you are thrown into wilderness of some planet and your main aim is to survive there. You have to gather craft things, resources, find food and also construct structures. The game does all this with fun tongue which is in cheek flavour. The graphics are not really bad. The game is highly popular on PC and this pocket edition is almost the same. You have this game you will have to pay $4.99, but then there are no in-app purchases.

  1. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is known to be one of the most popular card games which are combined with strategy game on the mobile platform. With the title of the game you have to build your own set of cards and play with the other players online. You keep on unlocking the card and becoming stronger and better. The game comes with cross platform support.

  1. Kingdom Rush Game

Kingdom rush is known to be one of the most known and successful tower defence game online. The game consists of three games in the series. These are inclusive of Kingdom Rush frontier, Kingdom rush and Kingdom rush origin. Each of them has got some basic mechanism. All you have to do is construct tower and have the heroes to defend yourself against the attacks from the bad guys. Each of the title of the game has number of levels and to unlock the next levels you have to upgrade the game. The first of the game is free but to unlock the others you will have to pay some amount.

  1. Machines at War 3

Machine at War 3 is one of the renowned strategy games. In the game you have to defeat the enemies and help the scientist to escape. The game has a nice story line which is inclusive of 21 missions. The game features around 130 types of tech and units to build, maps, online players and many other cool stuff. The game is fun and there is also an unlimited skirmish mode if you wish to kill for some time. All you have to do is pay $6.99 to buy the game but then there are no in-app purchases.

  1. Out There

Out there edition is known to be one of the most difficult strategy games one can play. The main aim in the game is to survive in the space after the character in game has been woken up from the cryo-chamber. You have to manage number of things including oxygen and the resources while travelling. You have to also encounter the alien lives and repair the ships as well. The game is hard yet fun.

  1. Pandemic

The game is well known is popular board game. You with three of your friends play being a CDC scientist. The main job is to transverse the world to destroy the diseases. The diseases will grow as you destroy them. But if you wait for long they shall become pandemic and the game ends. You can choose to pay extra amount to allow expansion which allows you to play other roles and participate in events and contents.

  1. Plague Inc

One of the best known games online. The aim of the game is to infect the world by spreading diseases. Thus you are allowed to evolve number of diseases which can fulfil the motive. You will be given 12 types of diseases to play the game. The game is complex but fun. The game had been worked upon with great efforts and is liked by CDC as well.

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